So Long Goodbye

Nothing is constant in this world. Everything is changing. Even the little things. Day by day, we don’t notice but when we look back to the yesteryears, we will realize that everything has changed. People come and go. Today, they might be there to help you and support you, but on the next day, you’ll find them busy with their own lives and couldn’t even be bothered to talk to. People that you thought who were going to be at your side forever aren’t. You all have your own separate path to walk on. Sometimes, it happens that you’ll be talking to people that you’ve never thought and imagined you’d be speaking to and voila! You’ve made new friends. Life is always like this. We think of it sometimes as a joke and other times, we are taking it seriously. But look, it makes a little sense. The more we age and grow up, the less sense it will make. Life is really short to waste it on nonsense things. Life is full of mysteries. We can never tell what will happen tomorrow. It will just come and then we will just have to see. So make the most out of it now while we have all the time we needed before everything changes once again. Because, in the future, all of these are only gonna be thoughts and memories.