Long Distance Relationships

Do you believe in long distance relationship? Where you are oceans apart and the only same thing you see are the skies. Where hours, days, months and years will pass that you are not together. The sun will rise and set without seeing each other. And the only thing you both depend on are your mobile phones for easy communication. The internet is your bridge for your long distance love affair. The pictures are the ones who tell stories about the recent happenings in both of your lives, it’s where you will wish for him/her to be there, to be with you. In other words, the only things you depend on are your love, trust and promises.

Probably, you are one of many people who will object, disagree and  will not support this love affair. Is it because the world is full of temptations? Is it because it’s hard to bet and gamble love because you don’t know if he/she is worthy of your trust? Or is it because you are afraid to believe and hope and in the end you’ll only get hurt? There are really many things people are afraid of. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of losing. Afraid of hoping on false hopes and believing in broken promises. That’s why long distance relationship is now slowly becoming a make-believe or so called only-in-the-movies-stuff. They don’t believe in it anymore. Is love not enough to fight temptation and can’t people be patient enough to wait? Is it not enough to give all your trust to the person you love? And most of all, is it not enough to keep your promises and serve as a cure to the loneliness, pain and suffering?

The world is made in balance. All things and all people were made with pairs. Happiness is paired with sadness. Comfort is paired with suffering. Winners are paired with losers. And I can say that our hearts also have a pair. It’s not literally the half of our heart because it beats as a whole. It’s just looking for someone to balance it. What if that person is far from you? Wouldn’t you try? Are you willing to wait? Are you willing to get hurt? Are you willing to believe and hope? Why don’t you try? For now, pain, loneliness and suffering is all you can feel. But the day will come when your hands can hold his/hers. The warmth of his/her embrace will be felt and the smiles on your faces will be seen again. And your heart will beat together with its pair. It’s because it’s better that you tried, and believed instead of giving up and neglecting your feelings.


2 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships

  1. My first love was with someone who was six hours away studying to be a cop. We would go for months without seeing one another and days without speaking and although it was hard, something about it made us appreciate one another even more.
    There are always two outcomes with a long distance relationship; “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” OR “distance makes the heart wander”.
    We grew fonder. We had our independence. We loved each other.
    Then he got posted in my home town.
    That, my friends, was when love slowly formed into hate. Mainly because he took me for granted, felt the need to lie about where he was, ended up cheating etc.
    So basically, I support long distance when it comes to commitment because they treasure the times you’re together more so. When you’re always around, you’re no longer this fantasy, but someone who is attainable and right there for you.
    The irony of it all, is now, even when a man may be right there for me, I form an emotional distance of my own because I have been indoctrinated into believing that that’s the only way it will work…*Cue sad violins*

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